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Reserve Bank worried about high household and dairy farm debt levels

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The central bank said yesterday that it had identified high levels of debt in parts of the dairy sector as a risk to New Zealand’s financial system.. that farm loan because of the level of risk.

How does that translate to conditions on the farm? 1-in-10 crop businesses are in a highly leveraged situation, which is defined as debt-to-asset ratios of higher than 0.40, according to USDA.

Farm debt. Reserve Bank of Australia data, as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, confirms that collective Australian rural bank debt reached a new peak in December 2014 (the latest official figures date) of $60.7 billion. This reflects an additional $80 million in bank debt on the previous peak (a year earlier, 2013).

 · In fact, total US household debt is on pace to break a record during 2017. The previous record set in 2008 stands at $12.68 trillion – the year of the great crash. According to a report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in February, total household debt hit a near-record high of $12.58 trillion in 2016.

High levels of household debt fuelled by record low interest rates and easy access to finance are particularly prominent in Australia’s real estate market, the Reserve Bank has warned.

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NEW ZEALAND DAIRY FARM debt bruce greig farm Management Department, Lincoln University, 2010. The Reserve Bank (2008) reported on the distribution of agricultural debt in the year 2005-2006, as illustrated in Table 3 and Figure 6. This indicates that 20% of farms have 73 % of the total

FCC Ag Economics: Outlook for Farm Assets and Debt 2017-18 September 12, 2017 6 Farmland values highly correlated with farm debt Between 2011 and 2016, the value of farmland and buildings appreciated at an annual average pace of 10.9%, with a total appreciation of 50.1%. Farm debt outstanding appreciated on average by 7.0% per year

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Farmers’ Debt-to-Asset Ratio Is Deceiving, Economist Says.. it will be important to keep an eye on debt levels. What About Debt Service?. My reading of Kauffman and Clark’s recent article on the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank’s Survey of Ag Credit Survey, suggests there are reasons.