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Yes, the economy is slowing and these markets confirm that. But that’s all right now. No recession. Yet. The 10-year yield has fallen to about where I expected around 2%.

South Korea’s central bank has cut its policy rate for the first time in three years to combat a faltering economy that faces further risks from a. 45m ago 49m ago

Recession Ahead for U.S. Economy; These Two Indicators Say Yes. Recession Ahead; Labor Productivity and Inventory-Sales multiple flash red Now two more important economic indicators are giving credence to my recession forecast: labor productivity and inventory build-up. In the first quarter of 2015, quarter-over-quarter,

1 in 3 Aussies eyes buying a home this year One in three Australians plans to purchase a home in the next 12 months amid the expectations of a price boost, according to ME Bank’s quarterly property sentiment Report. Of those Australians who said they would participate in the market, more than half (52%) were in the age 25-39 age bracket, the majority of whom are millennials.

What are the most common market indicators to follow the Chinese stock market and economy? FACEBOOK. designed to provide clues as to whether there is basic economic growth or a slowing down.

 · Scientifically, i understand what you are saying but realistically kary and tim are probably right. if rate of bike commutes are lower, it’s likely that the ridership is lower as well. of course, it’s not the same and you can prove them wrong but until i see such a study i’ll go with common sense.

Economists have said that GDP growth is now tracking over 3% in the first quarter, after a revised 0.4% growth in Q4. But numerous economic indicators suggest that a spring slowdown in underway.

We have all seen the news media articles Lower Home Mortgage Rates over the past few weeks reporting that there has been an over 70% increase in our current market inventory, that the market is slowing down or that there is another recession coming, and so on.If you are a seller, let’s not panic or get into modes of desperation just yet.

The "yield curve" is a term used to describe the various interest rates paid by different maturities of fixed-income investments. It’s been in the news quite a bit recently, and not in a good way.

Many analysts are saying the economy officially hit its slow down in October with an inversion likely this month. It’s no surprise the stock market has been a great bull’ market for 10+ years, but like the saying goes everything good must come to an end,’ and that time is coming.