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How illegal schemes were used to pad Wells Fargo’s profits

US bank Wells Fargo created 556,000 credit cards without consumer consent The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CPFB) found that these illegal practices were driven by the toxic-sales culture at the bank where frontline staff and managers were given high bonuses for meeting sales targets.

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This is fully defied with the cross selling pressure exerted on employees.. Wells Fargo has long prided itself in its ability to cross-sell its customers. The company reports that its customers use an average of 6.15 services, them, to rip customers off and pad their own salaries and bonus payments (and.

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How Illegal Schemes Were Used To Pad Wells Fargo’s Profits A report issued by Wells Fargo is no bodice-ripper, but it does have moments of guile, intrigue and betrayal to match the seediest pulp fiction.

In 2010, Guitron and another employee sued wells fargo, claiming the bank had fired Guitron for insubordination. Furthermore, their suit blamed Wells Fargo for unrealistic sales goals that drove too many employees to use illegal means to pad their sales numbers. "I felt like Erin Brockovich," Guitron told CBS.

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Illegally seizing service members’ cars. It turned out Wells Fargo pulled the same illegal scheme on hundreds more servicemembers. When the Justice Department concluded its investigation, the bank had to pay $4.1 million to reimburse the members of the armed forces it had scammed.

So that alone will tell you it’s a scam. I called Wells Fargo and they confirmed that IT IS NOT A WELLS FARGO NUMBER. These scammers are setting up fake websites with the telephone so you think it’s real, AND they are posting in this site saying that it’s real to mislead people. Love the above comment: "It is Wells Fargo.

These forged mortgage documents were distributed to county land recording offices and state courts all over the country. After the collapse of the housing bubble, when these documents were put to use.

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