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Coalition win could signal the end of the downturn: economists

(Bloomberg) — Italian industrial production fell for a fourth straight month, in a sign the recession that started late last year may persist. The populist coalition government has been swamped by a rash of negative economic data, including the European Commission’s slashing of this year’s growth forecast by a full percentage point.

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to join the national coalition are weakening its electoral prospects. The SPD will later this year pick a new leader and review its role in the coalition. With Merkel on the way out, it looks possible that the end of 2019 could bring an end to the coalition, especially if . the new SPD leader turns the party to the left. This set of

Sharon coalition rocked as Levy quits.. is therefore the first sign that the coalition government may start to fragment in the months ahead.. with economists predicting that the downturn.

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The 1973-75 recession or 1970s recession was a period of economic stagnation in much of the Western world during the 1970s, putting an end to the overall Post-World War II economic expansion.It differed from many previous recessions by being a stagflation, where high unemployment and high inflation existed simultaneously.

A total of 38 Coalition seats are held by a margin of less than 10%. If just 5% of all voters realised they were being lied to and switched sides, 15 seats would change from the Coalition to the reformist parties (all other things being equal). That would give Labor/Greens 84 and the Coalition 62.

Billionaire apartment king elated with Coalition’s election win.. Economists and market watchers raised concerns about the government’s plans, supported by Labor, to help first-home buyers.

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 · WHAT: AFR releases new report and hosts discussion titled “Wall Street And The Next recession: protecting main Street In The Next Economic Downturn” In just a few months the current economic expansion will be the longest on record. But an increasing number of economists are predicting that it might be nearing its end.

‘Inverted yield curve’ a signal of looming financial collapse, expert warns The US is hurtling towards a recession with a financial apocalypse on its way. And it’s not a question of if.