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‘They want to live simply.’ Are tiny houses the next big thing in Macon?

These are two tiny houses on wheels joined together permanently to make one big tiny house!. This is pretty cool because I’ve never really seen it done before, although I would probably prefer to keep the units separate but adjoined by a deck instead, kind of like this one (also built by Molecule Tiny Homes).

The small house movement has some takeaways for mainstream builders, says blogger ryan mitchell. Over 75% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck with one-third to one-half of their income going to housing (utilities, taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc). People who live in tiny houses can save their money to better weather life’s ups and downs.

It’s shaping the way we live. Revolutionizing the way we interact. your price and you’re still pricey compared to the other homes, it won’t make a difference. People want a good deal. They would.

The Big Tiny is the story of how one woman built her own house with her own two hands – all 84 square feet of it – and discovered that the important stuff in life isn’t stuff. "Admitting that I am ‘happy enough’ makes me wonder if I’m falling short of my potential as a middle-class American; like I should want more out of life than this tiny house and the backyard, and the way it feels to sit.

A discussion on Yahoo in answer to the question, "Can seniors build and live in tiny houses for the rest of their lives" surfaced a range of opinions – including one from a commenter who cited a neighbor’s experience: "[He] sold his suburban home at the age of 67 to build a tiny house for himself measuring a little less than 500 sq ft.

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As /u/Immuknow mentioned, this sub tends to feature tiny homes on trailers, which explains why you don’t see that many of them on here.. Another factor, though, is that the idea for a lot of people is getting rid of everything they don’t need. For a young couple that doesn’t have/isn’t planning on having kids, there’s no real need for a 40 foot house.

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