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These South Florida scammers stole identities, then millions from the IRS

South Florida has become a hotbed for stolen identity tax refund fraud. In a typical scheme, the criminal files a fraudulent tax return after stealing a victim’s identity and then cashes the refund check at a local check casher. The criminal typically cashes the check using fake identification in an attempt to evade law enforcement.

South Florida is the fraud capital of the U.S., says an IRS agent.. 433 defendants responsible for $142 million in stolen-identity refund fraud since. recover more than 80 percent of those claims, but that means scammers still.

More on Network World: irs scam: 5,000 victims cheated out of $26.5 million since 2013 The IRS has also been involved on one of the identity theft issues, saying recently that 700,000 taxpayers may.

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The South Florida Sun-Sentinel Logo. group and believe the IRS actually paid out more than $28.2 million in fraudulent refunds, Documents containing more than 29,000 stolen identities were found in the Miramar. all pleaded guilty to federal fraud conspiracy and identity theft charges earlier this year.

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So far, they have found more than $108 million worth of false income tax returns filed by the group and believe the IRS actually paid out more than $28.2 million in fraudulent refunds, prosecutor.

Tax identity theft occurs when an offender falsifies tax returns to get someone else’s refund check. Sometimes all it takes is a stolen Social Security number and a fake address. Victims don’t realize their refunds have been stolen until the IRS denies them their legitimate refund check.

Since 2012, the U.S. attorney’s office has prosecuted upward of 300 defendants who have stolen about 90,000 identities and filed $485 million in false refund claims, resulting in $106 million in.

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Result: Seniors who participate in these scams could face exuberant bills not covered by Medicare and their identity could potentially be stolen. In addition, the scammers may use the senior’s Medicare information to submit a reimbursement request for fraudulent health care services.

Through June, the IRS identified 1.6 million victims who had their identities stolen during this year’s tax filing season, the report said. That compares with 1.2 million victims in 2012.

The problem is so pervasive in South Florida that local, state and federal officials formed the South florida identity theft fraud strike force in 2012 to try to stem the flow of tax refund scams.