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How Trump is boosting Wall Street, not Main Street

US President Donald Trump went to Iowa to tout his record on the economy, while calling his current main Democratic rival Joe Biden. "Trump may think Wall Street and the super rich built this.

It isn’t always easy to see, what with Trump. chose not to raise the minimum wage, or when he threw in the towel on the.

Trump wants to pump up growth ahead of the 2020 election and cushion the economic damage from his escalating trade war with China. At less than 2.5%, the Fed’s main benchmark rate. prompting a big.

Gold Attempts To Break Away From Daily Lows As U.S. Existing Home Sales Disappoint You wouldn’t like your eyesight-seeing to generally be reduced as a result of moist weather. Frequently, this can construct extended romantic relationship regarding the firm as well as purchasers, giving you an opportunity to earn more income at the moment and in the foreseeable future.

Quartz is a guide to the new global economy for people excited by change.. Trump needs a reminder that the stock market isn’t the economy. Wall Street isn’t Main Street. Donald Trump.

News Today 12/21/2017 | Donald Trump | Wall Street Rises With Boost From Banks, Energy The three main U.S. stock indexes rose on Thursday as investors bet on more economically sensitive sectors.

"Now, just as many (not all) Republicans stood in the way of strengthening our financial system from future crises, President Trump is seeking to once again open the door for Wall Street to unfairly profit off of Main Street. "We urge President Trump to acknowledge the history which led to judicious Wall Street reform, and not return to the disastrous path of injudicious deregulation with little accountability that allows Wall Street the opportunity to rip-off Main Street.

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Donald Trump is 100% pure main street, never doubt that. Trump’s macro economic DNA outlook is compromised of American business interests at a micro-cellular level. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell will be dispatched immediately if he attempts to bring his big Wall Street/K-Street lobbying friends into the Trump economic equation.

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The value of their investments, mostly in the form of distressed bonds, is likely to get a boost as the new tariffs help American manufacturers. While much of the U.S. solar industry has blasted the tariffs, warning of massive job losses, these investors show at least some on Wall Street stand to gain.

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