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For residents already burdened by housing costs, utility bills can be a budget-buster

Few variables can increase the consumer cost of housing faster than utility bill increases, and a steep 75 percent increase in the fixed monthly charge would be particularly harmful for households already struggling with housing costs. Higher energy costs also mean less money for food, education, and economic participation in the community.

The Challenge: High Energy Costs. With a median household income of $46,334, this equates to 8% of a residents’ annual income. This is nearly three times the national average of 2.7% in 2012. In rural communities where median household income tends to be much lower, averaging $22,000, energy expenditures as a percentage of household income can be 17%.

How Trump is boosting Wall Street, not Main Street "Now, just as many (not all) Republicans stood in the way of strengthening our financial system from future crises, President Trump is seeking to once again open the door for Wall Street to unfairly profit off of Main Street. "We urge President Trump to acknowledge the history which led to judicious wall street reform, and not return to the disastrous path of injudicious deregulation with little accountability that allows Wall Street the opportunity to rip-off Main Street.

Key FindingsA House-passed 2007 funding bill would result in the. that enable local housing agencies to maintain developments, pay utility bills, passing higher utility charges on to low-income tenants who already are.. In some cases , higher utility costs can pose difficult burdens for public housing.

"As a landlord, I can make the decision that I don’t need to make money, but I do need to cover my costs," she said. "The new program would allow me to cover costs and keep my apartments affordable. That’s what I’m looking to be able to do." Related coverage: Massachusetts bills aim to promote efficient appliances, net-zero housing

Wisconsin Assistance and Financial Aid Programs. Find how to get help, grants, and assistance in all counties, cities, and areas of Wisconsin listed below, including Milwaukee and Madison. The government assistance, as well as non-profits, provide funds for paying heating or energy bills, rent, and other costs.

Weatherization improvements such as sealing leaky air ducts, adding insulation and replacing inefficient heating and cooling systems can provide a long-term fix for a high energy burden since they take care of the home inefficiencies that cause high utility bills in the first place.

Whether low-income residents in multifamily housing can benefit from solar projects depends on whether solar generation credits can be allocated on renter utility bills. For deed-restricted housing, it also depends on how utility allowances are set at the property. In some cases, on-site multifamily photovoltaic (PV)

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Kentucky state regulators are set to consider whether to raise Louisville-area utility bills. the rates that should rise are the per unit costs of electricity or gas, so residents can lower their.

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